Monday, 3 March 2014

Secret Magic Moves - Review

I have played golf for 45 years and my lowest handicap was 5.I have read and reread every single instructional book,including Hogan,Leadbetter,Ballard,Nicklaus,as well as The Golfing Machine

and The Search For The Perfect Golf Swing.My library has more golf books than I have had bogeys.I have also been to McLeans School at Doral three times.All said,I consider all of the above a complete waste of my time. Dante's clear and precise and simple explanation of how the golf swing works from a physical as well as a theoretical point of view,including the explanation of the Coefficient of Angular Momentum,has given me

a new life on the golf course.

My ball striking is pure,my confidence is high,and my mind is no longer paralyzed by hundreds of worthless swing thoughts.

I have zero interest in any more lessons from any pro,do not read golf magazines anymore,and scoff at the latest theories

which are created just to sell more books.

I cannot wait to get to the course just to hit balls and ingrain the four moves which,essentially,promotes a flat left wrist,a firm left side,a stable body over the ball,and most importantly,starting the downswing with your hips while completely leaving your arms and hands and shoulders behind.

The ball flight is absolutely the best I have ever witnessed with the least amount of effort. I am hitting each club at least one club longer with a lot less effort.

Finally,when a shot goes astray,you get instant feeedback as to the reason and you can fix it on the next shot.

If I swear by this book,it is because it has brought new life to my golf game and I finally have the tools to get down to a scratch golfer within a very short period of time.

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